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Lindon Farms 57 Serving Freeze Dried Meat Bucket


With the Lindon Farms 57 serving Freeze Dried Meat Container, you and your family will have the necessary protein needed for any of your favorite meals. Only the finest quality of turkey, pork patty crumbles, and ground beef have been freeze-dried to perfection to assure your satisfaction.

Lindon Farms 57 Serving Freeze Dried Meat Container Contains:

  • Freeze-dried Turkey Cooked, Diced- 1 pouch (19 servings)
  • Freeze-dried Pork Patty Crumbles- 1 pouch (19 servings)
  • Freeze-dried Beef, Ground- 1 pouch (19 servings)


  • Easy to open zip-seal Metalite™ pouches for each meat
  • Adds variety to regular meal options -Great for storage (stack-able buckets)
  • Up to 15-year shelf life (if stored in a dry, cool environment)
  • No additives or preservatives


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