WaterBrick 3.5 Gallon Stackable Food Grade Water Storage Container – 10 Pack


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10 Pack WaterBrick 3.5 Gallon Stackable Water Storage Container Bundle: a total of 35 Gallons of Liquids or up to 270 Pounds (2,640 Adult Servings) of Dry Foods. This bundle is equivalent to a 35 gallon drum but far better; you can’t take a 35 gallon drum with you if forced to leave your home in an emergency or if camping or boating with family or friends. WaterBrick water containers can store in many more places; under beds, in closets or as end tables. WaterBricks work and act like bulk storage but carry like containers; like no other on the market.

Made of rugged, high density polyethylene (HDPE) with an easy grip comfort handle. These unique water containers, unlike any other, can also hold food and other life essentials and add value by cross stacking up to 4 feet for maximum efficient storage. Wide diameter lid opening with notched easy grip lid allows for an average adult to pull stored contents out of the container by hand. Stores water, food or anything you want to keep dry or store efficiently while eliminating most food odors.

Size: 9″ W x 18″ L x 6″ H (shaped like rectangular blocks)

Product Weight when Empty: 2.52 pounds

Stacking Strength: due to 2 interior conical reinforcement columns

Interlocking Strength: they interlock using their male and female connectors (cross stack for safety)

Wide Lid Opening is 3 1/4” in diameter – can fit average adult hand to reach inside Full rubber gasket creating a tight seal is included inside the lid

Recommended Stacking Height: 4 feet Average wall thickness of container is approximately 3/32 of an inch (.090) FDA approved and BPA free


Content Weights

Water – 30 pounds; Rice – 27 pounds (264 adult servings); Beans – 28 pounds; Sugar – 26 pounds; Pet Food – 18 pounds; Sand – 48.5 pounds; 9mm rounds (5,000) – 120 pounds; .223 caliber rounds (2,100) – 57 pounds

Unique Uses All-In-One:

  • Storage for 72 Hour Grab & Go or Long Term – easily stack WaterBrick storage containers for food and water in closets or under beds; even cross stack as a coffee table to maximize space.
  • Winter Emergency Kit – store and carry salt or sand for car tires stuck in the snow.
  • Block of Ice – use these water containers as blocks of ice for boating, camping, sporting activities or eliminating food or medication spoilage in your refrigerator during short term power outages.
  • Sand Bag for the 21st Century – fill these stackable containers with sand or for easier cleanup, fill with water.
  • Bunker Walls – cross stack to build paint ball and air soft courses or for shooting ranges or military when filled with sand or pea gravel.
  • Hunting Blinds – stack unfilled WaterBrick water containers for temporary use or fill with sand or pea gravel and / or insert standard ¾ inch PVC for long term use.

Unique Benefits All-In-One:

  • Portable – at 3.5 gallons, it is small enough to carry with you in a time of need or to fit under beds or in the refrigerator.
  • Stackable – cross stacks and interlocks up to 4 feet high in closets or the garage to create a bulk storage system. Insert standard ¾ inch PVC through the internal columns of these stackable containers for safer stacking heights.
  • Durable – industrial grade cross stacking WaterBrick water containers are durable enough to withstand a high impact air drop or be used as building blocks in transitional basic shelters. The Ultra Violet additive will extend the life up to 15 years.
  • Safe Dry Storage – stores water, food, ammo or anything you want to keep dry. This food grade container is FDA approved and BPA free making them safe storage containers for food and water.

Short or Long Term Storage – Use as a long term emergency water or food storage container for:

  • 72 hour emergency grab and go kit
  • Camping – WaterBrick portable water container minimizes food odor discharges so animals aren’t attracted and minimizes animal invasion due to durable HDPE plastic
  • Boating or other outdoor activities
  • Great for R.V.’s
  • Insert Bungee Cord thru center posts to strap to an ATV or other vehicle

Block of Ice – Fill WaterBrick portable water containers two-thirds with water & freeze:

  • Camping, boating or other outdoor activities
  • Preceding a storm, use to minimize food spoilage in fridge and keep medications cold
  • Never buy Ice Again! And when it melts you have clean cold water

Store Product to Keep Dry in Case of a Flood

  • Ammo
  • Paint Balls or Air Soft Pellets

Efficient Organized Storage – Stack WaterBrick emergency water containers like cubes to eliminate wasted space:

  • For further stability, insert a PVC pipe down the center posts

Sand Bag – Used for Shooter Houses or Military Applications:

  • Fill with Sand or Pea Gravel similar to how traditional sand bags are used
  • WaterBricks are more effective because the plastic blunts the tip of the bullet and starts to fragment it before hitting the Sand or Pea Gravel inside

Additional information

Weight26 lbs
Dimensions18 × 19 × 31 in
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